Producción de bioetanol a partir de residuos del maíz usando procesos hidrotérmicos


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

Alejandra Elizabeth Aguilar Reynosa

Abstract: Lignocellulosic materials (LCMs) as corn residues are considered as an alternative for the production of second-generation (2G) biofuels. This kind of biofuels can supply the gasoline demand and contributes to the mitigation of negative impacts caused by the use of fossil fuels. However, there are challenges to achieve within integrated biorefineries, such as the best pretreatment identification, development of strategies to get a clean process, reduction of the number of steps and at the same time achieving high yields and lower energy costs. This thesis is focused on the evaluation of bioethanol production applying hydrothermal pretreatment and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) with high substrate loads and low enzyme loads. In the first stage was evaluated autohydrolysis pretreatment on isothermal regime using two heating systems; conduction-convection heating (CCH) and microwave heating processing (MHP).

Thesis Alejandra Aguilar Reynosa