Polyelectrolyte complexes formation between marine polysaccharides with water soluble chitosan by Infrared Spectroscopy


Cano-Gonzalez, C.N., G. Espinosa-Velasquez, A. Martinez-Ramirez, C.A. Zamora Iruegas, A.M. Rangel Rodriguez, N. Balagurusamy and J.C. Contreras-Esquivel*

*carlos.contreras@uadec.edu.mx; coyotefoods@hotmail.com

Polyelectrolytes complex formation between water soluble chitosan and marine polysaccharides were evaluated by infrared spectroscopy. The effect of molecular weight water soluble chitosan (3 or 10 kDa) was evaluated on the formation of polyelectrolyte complex with alginate and fucoidan. The polyelectrolyte complexes were characterized for infrared spectroscopy. The weight molecular of water soluble chitosan not present influence in the changes chemical observed in the infrared spectrum of polyelectrolyte complexes.