Photocatalytic Evaluation of Bi-doped TiO/TiO2 under Solar Irradiation


D. Chavez, C. R. García, R.C. Torres-Ramírez, C.M. Lopez-Badillo


Abstract. The photocatalytic properties of TiO2 have been studied in the last decade
due to its a high capacity to degrade organic compounds which dangerous for the human health.
In order to increase its degradation efficiency, we propose the doping of TiO2 with Bi dopant
using concentrations from 0 to 5 at%. A simple and fast (40 min) combustion method was used
to synthesize Bi doped TiO2. According to the X-ray diffraction patterns, we obtained a
mixture of TiO/TiO2 phases with Bi dopant concentrations below 0.5 at.%. Above this value,
the Bi7.68O12.16Ti0.32 compound was obtained. The morphological studies by Scanning
electron microscopy demonstrated that a porous material is obtained for Bi concentrations
below 0.5% but highly coalesced particles appeared for higher concentrations. The Bi doped
materials were used to degrade Methylene blue dye under solar exposure and found a
maximum degradation percentage of 96% for the sample doped with 0.1 at% of Bi.

Artículo-CEGR 4 2020