Obtención de extractos antioxidantes por fermentación fúngica en cultivo sólido a partir de residuos cítricos


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

IQA Ramón Larios Cruz

Abstract: Citrus fruits such as: lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine are consumed principally by their flavor, cost and possible human health benefits. Orange and grapefruit are preferred in fresh juice or processed, instead, fruits as tangerine are consumed in segment due to easy peel. However, the consumed of citrus fruits generates residues in abundance by the proper consumer or industrial sector. In the majority of the cases the destination of the residues going to the landfills; and even if the industry tries to utilize these kinds of residues, a great part of them is not exploit. Alternatives to allowed exploit metabolites or bioactive compounds extracted from these residues, and in time, generate an add value to the residues are been searched. There is a diversity of methodologies of compound extraction from vegetables, in which some of them a pretreatment of the sample are required to enhance the exposition of the compounds at the moment of the extraction, one of them are solid state fermentation (SSF).

Thesis Ramón Larios Cruz