Microencapsulación y actividad antioxidante de un extracto de fruto de Garabullo (Mirtillocactus geometrizans) para su empleo como colorante y nutracéutico en una bebida ácida


Abstract: The diet based on the consumption of plant structures such as fruits and vegetables brings health benefits, due to the phytomolecules they contain. It can be found within the plant cells molecules than provide protective effects to the plant besides being able to provide to whom consume beneficial health effects, among health benefits are: nutritional properties, antioxidant activity, antiproliferative, (useful for the treatment of disorders and metabolic disorders such as diabetes). In recent years has increased the demand and search for natural sources with great nutritional qualities. A point to highlight is the importance of these phytomolecules, further this kind of molecules can synergize and maximize their effects, drawign the attention of the industries beyond pharmaceutical, such as the food industry and cosmetic.

Thesis PhD Juan Ugalde