Macromolecular and functional properties of galactomannan from mesquite seed (Prosopis glandulosa)


Abstract: In this work, galactomannans from Prosopis glandulosa seeds were evaluated for their chemical composition and functional properties for potential industrial applications. In addition, those characteristics were compared with the commercial galactomannan guar gum. Mannose and galactose were the two most abundant carbohydrates present in P. glandulosa seeds, which represent 95.32% of total carbohydrates present in this material. Galactomannans from mesquite seed (GMS) yield was 16.53% and presented a M/G ratio of 2:1, which was higher than value observed for guar gum (1.6:1). The results obtained from functional properties showed that GMS has considerable potential to be considered as a food additive.