Luminescent Properties of Al2O3:xEu obtained by Rapid Combustion Synthesis


E. Viesca-Villanueva,D. Chavez,C.M. Lopez-Badillo

Abstract. In this work, were synthesized by the combustion method. The
atomic concentration percentage of doping was varied (x = 0%, 1%, 3%, 5% and 7at%).
Structural and morphological properties were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) techniques, respectively. The XRD patterns of the pure
(x = 0%) and Eu-doped (x=1at%) show the single Al2O3 corundum phase. For the highest Eudoped
concentrations of x = 3%, x = 5% and x = 7at%, the Al2O3:xEu samples, present a
mixture of phases of corundum (Al2O3) and EuAlO3 (perovskite). SEM images show irregular
grains with average sizes in the range of 0.1 – 78.8 μm. Photoluminescence (PL) analysis show
that all Eu-doped Al2O3 samples exhibits intense red-emission. PL spectra show two main
peaks at 615 nm (5D0 →7F2) and 700 nm (5D0 →7F4). The x = 3at% Eu-doped sample presents
the highest intensity under 256 nm excitation. CIE coordinates were calculated from the PL
spectra, values around x= 0.6 and y= 0.3 (red emission) were obtained from all samples. Due to
its strong luminescence those Al2O3:xEu phosphors could be good candidates for components
in solid state lighting.

Artículo-CEGR 6 2020