Evaluation of the Physical-Chemical and Sensorial characteristics of strawberry with coating edible Chitosan


CASTAÑEDA-RAMÍREZ, José Cristóbal 1 †*, ESPINOZA-ZAMORA, Jesús 1 y DE LA FUENTESALCIDO, Norma Margarita 2

1 Universidad Tecnológica del Suroeste de Guanajuato, Departamento de Procesos Alimentarios, Carretera Valle Huanímaro km 1.2. Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato
2 Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. Dpto. de Posgrado. Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas, Ciudad Universitaria, Campus Torreón, Coahuila, México


In recent years there has been a need to develop new methodologies for the conservation of fruit and vegetable products. The strawberry is a fruit with a high content of antioxidants and highly appreciated for its sensory characteristics. In the present study, the behavior of the physical-chemical and sensory characteristics of the covers with different formulations of chitosan supplemented with sorbitol and calcium chloride was analyzed; Determining respiration, soluble solids, pH, firmness, color, perception of taste and aroma, visual quality, at different storage times. It was determined that after six days of storage in refrigeration the coated strawberry with a mixture of chitosan-sorbitol (B) decreases the respiration rate with respect to the control (68 vs 183 ml / Kg h of CO2), while the pH, solids and color maintained with values similar to the control; Regarding the perception of flavor and aroma characteristic of the strawberry, the coverage with B was the greatest acceptance for the panelists that are perceived with greater intensity, likewise visually it was more striking. With the results obtained, it is demonstrated that the edible covers based on chitosan improve the storage conditions of the strawberries.