Evaluation of the activity of antimicrobial agents against the challenge of bacterial resistance


Norma Margarita De la Fuente-Salcido, Jesús Ma. Villarreal-Prieto, Miguel Ángel Díaz León, Ada Patricia García Pérez

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas

*E-mail: normapbr322@hotmail.com

Antibiotic resistance by bacteria is one of the major emerging issues in human and animal health, due to the loss of
susceptibility to certain drug’s action. This review discuss the terminology and international reference guidelines that allow a right study of the antimicrobial agents’ effect and/or their combinations in vitro and in vivo. They’re also exposed some innovative trends which implies the use of distinct combinations between traditional antibiotics or the design of binary mixtures among multiple natural antimicrobials. Finally, it is shown that the effect of such mixtures could be an excellent indicator of what, in a future, combined therapy may be an alternative to drug-resistance against traditional antibiotics.