Estandarización del proceso de obtención de miel de Agave


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

I.Q. Ángela Mariela González Montemayor

Abstract: Agave spp. or maguey, as it is known in Mexico, has had a close relationship with Mexican culture and has been used for different purposes, among them the production of alcoholic beverages. To produce Tequila, this plant is known worldwide. Currently, different studies have focused on knowing more about the properties of this plant, which is also by now recognized as a source of prebiotics and sweeteners. The agave syrup coming from the concentration of the juice obtained from the maceration of the central part of the plant or from the sap emanated by certain species called aguamiel has highlighted as a new option of natural sweetener, such as honey and Maple syrup. As far as the production of agave syrup from the concentration of aguamiel, the process is not controlled, resulting in a deficiency of quality in the product.

Thesis Angela González