Effect of Yb3þ codopant on the upconversion and thermoluminescent emission of Sr2CeO4:Er3þ, Yb3þ phosphors


Claudia M. Lopez-Badillo

This work presents the structural, morphological, upconversion luminescence and Thermoluminescence properties of Sr2CeO4:Er3þ,Yb3þ (SCO:Er, Yb) phosphors synthesized by a simple combustion method. The X-ray diffraction technique revealed that all the samples maintained their orthorhombic phase even for Yb concentrations as high as 12 mol%. Moreover, the morphological analysis by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) pointed out that SCO microparticles with sizes in the range of 0.2 μm–7.2 μm were obtained in samples doped
with 0–3 mol% of Yb, but coalesced microparticles were observed for Yb concentrations from 7 to 12 mol%. The luminescence measurements demonstrated that the SCO: Er, Yb microparticles produced red and green upconversion emission bands and the red component increases with the Yb concentration. Also, the TL signals were recorded after solar/UV irradiation and found TL emission bands in the range of 60–150 �C and 150–350 �C. The traps responsible of the TL emissions were the oxygen vacancies.

Artículo-CMLB 3 2020