Effect of the drying on morphology and texture of aerogels and zirconia cryogels


Antonia Martínez Luévanos

Due to their excellent properties, aerogel has attracted the attention of the scientific
community to use it in the biomedical area as a drug delivery system. This work reports on the
synthesis and characterization of ZrO2 aerogels and cryogels obtained by the sol-gel method.
The influence of different cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and the type of drying on
structural, morphological and texture properties of ZrO2 aerogels and cryogels was
investigated. SEM images reveal that a porous interconnected three-dimensional network was
formed into aerogels due to supercritical drying. Zirconia aerogel sample has a specific
surface area (SBET) larger than zirconia cryogels. Therefore, our results indicate that zirconia
aerogel is an adequate material for applications in drug delivery systems.

Artículo-AML 4 2019