Efecto de la aplicación de ultrasonido y temperatura sobre la carga microbiana y propiedades funcionales del jugo de sábila (Aloe vera)


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

I.Q.A. Guadalupe Alvarado Morales

Abstract: The thermal treatment subject to the Aloe vera juice causes structural changes and lost of sensitive compounds to high temperatures, this generate the modification of the functional and therapeutic properties. The aim of this work is evaluate the effect of application of ultrasound and temperature on microbial load and functional properties of sábila juice. The sabila juice was treated with US and temperature of 25°C and 50°C (thermosonic) during 3, 6 and 9 min. The color was evaluated to juice thermosonic as well as control sample. To the AIRs (Alcohol Insoluble Residues) obtained of juice were made other analysis: carbohydrates composition, acemannan isolation and functional properties.

Thesis Guadalupe Alvarado Morales