Development of a Novel Ex-vivo 3D Model to Screen Amoebicidal Activity on Infected Tissue


Amoebiasis is a parasitic disease that causes thousands of deaths every year, its adverse efects and
resistance to conventional treatments have led to the search of new treatment options, as well as
the development of novel screening methods. In this work, we implemented a 3D model of intestine
and liver slices from hamsters that were infected ex vivo with virulent E. histolytica trophozoites.
Results show preserved histology in both uninfected tissues as well as ulcerations, destruction of the
epithelial cells, and infammatory reaction in intestine slices and formation of micro abscesses, and
the presence of amoebae in the sinusoidal spaces and in the interior of central veins in liver slices.

2019 Development of a Novel Ex-vivo