Desarrollo de un alimento vegano formulado con galactano y manitol de algas marinas


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

Ing. Magdali Verdugo López

Abstract: At present, the world population faces growing health problems such as obesity and overweight, which are risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, these are due to poor diet and food consumption highly processed. Given this, people are taking healthy eating habits by consuming plant-based products, such as vegans who do not consume products from animal sources. The same has led to the development of minimally processed foods and that include ingredients obtained with technologies that do not involve the use of chemical solvents. The present project focused on the development of a food for yogurt-type vegans with the addition of galactane and seaweed mannitol replacing animal milk with vegetable milk, considering the important benefits of seaweed, its extracts can be a valuable resource for developing functional foods that meet future food demands. In addition to taking advantage of the nutrients in coconut milk. The objective of this project was to evaluate the incorporation of galactane and seaweed mannitol in the development of a value-added product.

Thesis Magdali Verdugo López