Crotalus lepidus lepidus Venom Produces Hemolysis and Lipid Peroxidation in Human Erythrocytes in vitro


Montañez Rodriguez Esau, Aguirre Joya Jorge Alejandro, Sierra-Rivera Crystel Aleyvick, Morlett Chavez Jesus, Muzquiz Ramos Elia Martha and Zugasti-Cruz Alejandro*

Department of Chemistry, Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico


The hemolytic and lipid peroxidative effects of crude venom from Crotalus lepidus lepidus, a rattle snake found in the Northeast of Mexico and southeast of the United States, were investigated in human erythrocytes in vitro. Significant concentration-dependent effects were found on both hemolysis (evaluated as release of hemoglobin) and lipid peroxidation (as a common index of oxidative damage to membrane lipids) in the red blood cells. These results suggest that hemolysis was produced with the involvement of oxidative stress as a potential mechanism of toxicity in the erythrocytes.

13 ART 2016 Crotalus