Corrosion resistance and in vitro bioactivity of dense and porous titania coatings deposited on 316L SS by spraying method


C.R García

Titania coatings were deposited on 316L SS by the spraying method. It was found that the hardness, corrosion
resistance and in vitro bioactivity of the titania coatings depends strongly on their particle size and the deposition
rate. A small particle size and lower deposition rate promote the formation of a flat and more compact coating,
which improves the corrosion resistance and hardness. However, a rough and porous structure obtained with a
high deposition rate is required for the nucleation and growth of hydroxyapatite. Therefore, hard and corrosion
resistant coatings with good bioactive properties can be achieved by the deposition of two layers, firstly depositing
a dense layer and then a porous titania layer.

Artículo-CERG 8 2019