Cherenkov Emission Generated by a Modulated Source in 2D Dispersive Photonic Crystal Slabs


Erika Mart´ınez-S´anchez ,1 Gennadiy Burlak ,2 Carlos Rodr´ıguez-Garcia,3
Marisol Gallardo-Heredia,1 and Ulises Avila-L ´opez1

/is work presents a systematic numerical study of Cherenkov optical radiation generated by a modulated source that moves with uniform velocity on a two-dimensional (2D) photonic crystal (PCr) slab surface. We apply the FDTD technique with emphasis on the dispersion properties of the periodic medium to perform our numerical analysis. /e field oscillations generated at the passage
of a modulated source in the PCr produce a series of spectral resonances corresponding to the eigenmodes in the spatial frequency domain for the photonic slab. /e amplitudes of the field oscillations have maximal values in the group cone closely to the path of the moving charge.

Artículo-CEGR 2 2020