Análisis de factores de estrés sobre la producción de pigmentos por Chlorella vulgaris en un fotobiorreactor airlift tipo flat panel


Facultad de Ciencias Químicas

IQ Juan Roberto Benavente Valdés

Abstract:  Microalgae are a major natural source for a vast array of valuable compounds, including a diversity of pigments, for which these photosynthetic microorganisms represent a potential, ecological and economical option for applications in various industries. Despite many applications, only a few species of microalgae are cultured commercially because of poorly developed photobioreactor technology. This work presents the development of strategies to increase the pigment production using the freshwater microalga Chlorella vulgaris, starting from the design and characterization of a novel flat panel airlift photobioreactor, continuing to evaluate of effect of different operating conditions and factors such light, salinity and electric field in growth rate and pigment productivity.

Thesis Juan Roberto Benavente Valdés